360 Train

Step One

To open the 360 Train app find the application on the device given to you, alternatively you must visit
www.pontoonapps.eu and choose the 360 train UK button on the bottom left
You will need an Android device to run this application.

Step Two

Once clicked, this will lead you to a Google Drive folder with a dowloadable file. Download the application and open it from your mobile device,
you may have to enable downloading APK files from unknown sources – this is safe for this application.

Step Three

Once it is downloaded, open the application then place your mobile device into your google cardboard goggles with the screen of the mobile facing you.

Step Four

Place the goggles up to your eyes and look around the screen. You should see a red dot (circled in yellow) - this is your pointer.
Use it to select buttons to view information about each section of the station.

Step Five

To begin, move the red cursor over the “start app” button to view the other buttons. A small red loading symbol should appear while hovering over the button.

Step Six

Each information button is a blue circle with a symbol inside that shows what it is. Look directly at the circle with your pointer to enlarge each circle.
This will then display information about each section of the train station. To hide the information just hover back over the circle and it will disappear.

Step Seven

You can now explore the train station and find out helpful information.